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Producer: LG Chem
Polymer type PBT

The South Korean enterprise LG Chem is a manufacturer of PBT. Providing a production site in Poland, LG Chem is able to react flexibly to customer requests.

Beside a large number of standard products, LG Chem also produces a broad range of special grades. Pure PBT-compounds as well as polymer alloys such as PBT/PC, PBT/ABS or PBT/PET are offered. LG Chem has an excellent know how in the field of color compounds and delivers materials worldwide in reliably constant color quality.

General info

LUPOX® PBT grades with the following properties:

  • Stiff and hard material
  • Good electrical properties
  • High dimension stability
  • High deflection temperature
  • Good impact resistance
  • Low moisture pick-up
  • Easy processing

Typical applications for LUPOX® PBT

LUPOX® PBT-Compounds are suitable for injection molding applications for automotive, electronics and lights.

Typical applications are connectors, coil former, lamp sockets, lamp reflectors, contact boxes, cases, switches, changeover switches etc.


The product range LUPOX®

The product range LUPOX® includes standard products with various MFI, impact resistances, filler content, gloss, UV-resistance, paint ability, chemical resistance, improved hydrolysis resistance and flame-retardant grades. There are also many special products available, e.g. for metal coating with improved surface brilliance or halogen free flame-retardant. The portfolio is completed by PBT-Alloys as PBT/PC and PBT/PET.

The following product series are available - often adjustable in individual customer colors, too:

  • LUPOX® 1000 series, unfilled grades
  • LUPOX® 2000 series, glass fiber reinforced grades
  • LUPOX® 3000 series, mineral filled grades
  • LUPOX® 5000 series, Alloy-grades (PBT/PC and PBT/PET)

Some LUPOX® grades of LG Chem:

  • LUPOX® GP1000S - PBT unfilled
  • LUPOX® GP1006FD - PBT unfilled, flame-retardant V 0 at 0.71 mm and 5 VA at 3.00 mm
  • LUPOX® GP2300 - PBT with 30% glass fiber
  • LUPOX® GP2306F - PBT with 30% glass fiber, flame-retardant V 0 at 0.71 mm
  • LUPOX® NH2306F - PBT with 30% glass fiber, flame-retardant V 0 at 0.71 mm, halogen-free
  • LUPOX® HI2303 – PBT + PC with 30% glass fiber, high impact resistance
  • LUPOX® SG3180S – PBT + PET with 18% mineral, good surface
  • LUPOX® SG3200 – PBT + PET with 20% mineral, good surface
  • LUPOX® TE5000D – PBT + PC, unfilled, good surface
  • LUPOX® TE5100 – PBT + PC, with 10% glass fiber, high stiffness
  • LUPOX® LW5303 – PBT + PC, with 30% glass fiber, less distortion
  • LUPOX® SG5300 – PBT + PET with 30% glass fibre, good surface
  • LUPOX® TE5011 – PBT + PC, unfilled, high impact resistance at low temperatures


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