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  1. 1. Automotive Industry

    Industries > Automotive Industry

    …demands Tighter norms and regulations A need for more economic solutions CO2 emission reduction Among the broad Resinex portfolio we can especially point out the following polymers used for automotive applications: Inspire™ PP compounds Velvex™ PP compounds Magnum™ ABS Pulse™ PC/ABS…

  2. 2. Polymer Compounding

    Industries > Polymer Compounding

    …the part and its application, processors and end users now have a wide choice of materials based on the cost – performance behaviour and their environmental credentials (e.g. recycled material content). Resinex offers a wide range of engineering compounds ranging from prime branded…

  3. 3. Mafill

    Products > Mafill

    …as well as in broad technical service and support.Ravago, our parent company, applies an extensive quality control during selection of raw materials, production, as well as control of finished products in their production plants to ensure customers about the reliability of industrial…

  4. 4. Bioplastics – current important trend

    Industries > Bioplastics – current important trend

    and others already have some of their products and/or their packaging made of bioplastic LEGO started production of parts for their famous kits from bioplastics and they plan to have it all produced from bioplastics by 2030 Supermarkets Iceland plan only non-plastic packaging for their own…

  5. 5. Our Mission

    About Us > Our Mission

    …staff for our customers Technical support and development including processing optimisation advice, polymer selection, tailor made compounds and Moldflow support Material development according to the customer’s and application’s specific requirements to ensure optimal…

  6. 6. The Presence

    About Us > The Presence

    …Celanese, DOW, DSM, Sipchem, Trinseo and others with full access to the plastics compounding activities of Ravago with prime branded and industrial and recycled compounds of engineering and commodity polymers including thermoplastic elastomers.

  7. 7. Our History

    About Us > Our History

    …structure has been set up, to distribute branded raw materials in partnership with the world’s leading petrochemical companies. By taking over companies with market experience and starting up companies with enthusiastic, dynamic and technical people we succeeded in growing our company with…

  8. 8. Technical Service and Application Development

    Services > Technical Service and Application Development

    …with the supplier. Demand for technical support and application development (TS & AD) from our customers is continually increasing. This is due to the fact that the requirements of finished products are getting higher and also the fact that some companies under cost pressure are relying…

  9. 9. Customer Service

    Services > Customer Service

    …staffed with well trained sales representatives, sales engineers and internal sales people. They are always ready to answer any question you might have. Feel free to contact your local office for information regarding the product portfolio, material availability, documents, order information…

  10. 10. Supplier Service

    Services > Supplier Service

    …We are a reliable partner with a strong and stable position on the European market. A part of our know-how is also an excellent knowledge of this market. Furthermore we offer several services such as central purchasing, warehousing, packaging, logistics, product specification at OEM's,…

Results found: 220 12345678910111213141516171819202122 >