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Producer: Arkema
Polymer type PA/PO blend

Orgalloy® is a family of patented polyamide based thermoplastic alloys.

Orgalloy® polyamide alloys offer the best properties of polyamides: mechanical strength, thermal resistance and chemical resistance, as well as other major advantages brought by polyolefins such as lower water absorption and dimensional stability.

General info

The Orgalloy® product range is divided into three families:

  • Flexible grades
  • Semi flexible grades
  • Rigid grades

Orgalloy® properties

  • Low water absorption and high dimensional stability
  • Low density (9 % lower than PA6 or PA66)
  • Chemical resistance
  • High productivity
  • Barrier property
  • Thermal and mechanical resistance
  • Flexible/rigid association
  • Easy processability


Orgalloy®Flexible Grades Portfolio
LT 4060
LT 5050
LT....ESBlow Moulding grades
Orgalloy®Semi-Flexible Grades Portfolio
LE 60..PA6 based material
LE…15G.F. reinforced grades (+ rate %)
LE..ES ou HVBlow Moulding grades
LE 60 THMStiffness variations
LE 60 HM
LE 60 LM
LE..XVPlasticized grades
LE..F/SFHigh fluidity grades
Orgalloy®Rigid Grades Portfolio
R 60 ESBlown film grade
RS 60PA6 based material
RS 66PA66 based material
RS…30G.F. reinforced grades (+ rate %)
RS…E10Impact modified
RS…TLHeat/Light stabilized
RS…ATBlack Antistatic
RS…ESBlow Moulding grades


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