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Trifilon is a Swedish based company that manufactures biocomposite compounds and is considered one of the leading players in this space. Spun out from Linköping University in 2012, it’s focused on developing high performance injection moulding materials that help reduce our C02 impact on the planet.

Today, Trifilon's materials are made from renewable sources, such as wood and plant fibers, as well as recycled polymers, and are suitable for a wide range of applications. Its bio-based composites are used in industries such as outdoor consumer goods, automotive, construction and furniture applications. We can help you reducing your CO2 consumption with high performance products.

Johan Thiel, CEO Trifilon: “We see this partnership with Resinex DACh as a critical step in not only gaining access to Europe’s largest markets, but also developing our relationship with the Resinex/Ravago group for other regions where we see the need for local distribution support. And as sustainability and lowering C02 become more critical for nearly all companies – especially in the DACh region - we see a huge opportunity to make substantial growth and help brand owners shift quickly to our climate smart materials.”

Olaf Wetzel, Countrymanager RESINEX DACH: „Trifilon erweitert das bereits breite und nachhaltige Produktportfolio von RESINEX DACH um interessante Bio-Compounds. Unsere Kunden profitieren von nachhaltigen Produkten, verringern Ihren CO2-Fussabdruck und können auf eine langfristige und solide Partnerschaft setzen.
Wir freuen uns in der aktuellen Phase der Umstellung auf nachhaltige Lösungen über die Expertise und das technische Know-How von Trifilon.