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All of our facilities are owned and managed by our parent company Ravago. Ravago is the leading company in Europe in compounding and recycling with global compounded product sales of over 500.000 MT per year and total global sales in excess of 3.7 million MT per year. Ravago has over 45 years experience in the material processing field and were originally involved in the start-up of toll pulverising at our Beerse location in Belgium. Between 1994 and 2001, we gained valuable processing experience in pulverising and combined with Ravago's 45 years experience in compounding it was the perfect partnership for the design and management of our planned Rotational Moulding plant.

In 2001, we opened our state-of-the-art facility in Arendonk, Belgium with an initial capacity of over 20.000 MT per year. Originally we started with pulverising Natural resins and quickly added extrusion and blending capabilities to compliment our growing product portfolio.

Since 2001, capacity has been extended to meet growing demand and we have continued to develop new and unique processing techniques, and machine modifications in order to maximise our production efficiency and reduce our costs. Of course we use dedicated equipment for Black, Natural and Coloured materials to prevent cross-contamination and we test our materials rigorously to ensure we meet the highest of standards.

As Europe's biggest recycler and compounder of plastics and rubbers, you can be sure we are environmentally friendly. We use the latest technology to reduce energy consumption, modern air filtration to reduce dust pollution and of course we recycle all of our packaging. With over 2.000 MT of silo capacity, capable of handling both powders and granules, we're always conscious of our packaging consumption. We can deliver in bulk, big bags or 20/25 Kg sacks and by using an automated FFS bagging system, we reduce weighing inaccuracies and wastage whilst improving the quality of the packaging of our products.

At our Rotomoulding Technical Centre in Arendonk, we have a rotomoulding machine capable of simulating the rotomoulding process under many different conditions. The addition of a small lab scale pulveriser means we can now produce small samples for lab analysis or customer sampling. We can also test many other aspects of our materials (Density, MFI, Tensile Strength, ESCR etc), quality and production control.