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Automotive Industry

The Resinex Group has a dedicated team of professionals cooperating with OEMs, Tiers as well as with moulders on automotive developments and projects.

Resinex is a preferable partner for companies from the automotive sector thanks to our technical expertise, reliable logistics service and broad portfolio of polymers for automotive applications.

The Resinex team can help with many of today’s challenges in the automotive industry such as:

  • Production of safer cars
  • Specific customer demands
  • Tighter norms and regulations
  • A need for more economic solutions
  • CO2 emission reduction

Among the broad Resinex portfolio we can especially point out the following polymers used for automotive applications:

Properties summary for selected polymers:

Talc-filled Polypropylene resins, like INSPIRE™ TF1500 ESU and TF1305 ESU, are designed for unpainted, interior trim parts and provide best-in-class scratch resistance and optimised talc levels, which results in lower density and weight.

VELVEX™ reinforced elastomers, for unpainted interior trim applications, offer better scratch-and-mar resistance and a uniform low gloss than established materials such as most talc-filled PP, PA/ABS or ABS products.

MAGNUM™ 3416SC and MAGNUM™ 3616 are recognised as the high-heat ABS resins of choice. These market-leading resins enable the production of automotive interior parts that have excellent heat resistance and dimensional stability.

MAGNUM™ 3904 is a special, high-impact grade for use for impact resistant parts. All MAGNUM™ ABS grades provide outstanding thermal stability during processing, resulting in unprecedented low odour and carbon emission performance.

For luxury vehicles with enhanced, low-temperature impact requirements, Resinex offers PC/ABS PULSE™ engineering resins from Trinseo, like PULSE™ A35-105, PULSE™ A35-110 for high temperature resistance or the newly developed PULSE™ GX50.

Scolefin® PP compounds are prime compounds based on PP homopolymers as well as copolymers. They are used for a wide range of automotive applications gaining reputation for its high quality and competitive price.

Industrial quality compounds and high quality recycled Mafill® PP, Mablex® PC/ABS, Ravamid® PA and other compounds from the production of our mother company Ravago are not only very economical but also an environmentally friendly solution for many automotive applications.